– Convert Solar, a leading solar installation company based in Virginia, is thrilled to announce their recent award of the Solar United Neighbors Hampton Roads solar co-op RFP. This achievement marks the fifth consecutive year that Convert Solar has secured the respected contract for the Hampton Roads or Richmond SUN co-op. The Solar United Neighbors Action, a national 501(c)4 nonprofit, awarded the contract to Convert Solar for their outstanding commitment to providing affordable solar solutions to the local community.

Solar United Neighbors Action, also known as SUN, is at the forefront of the solar energy movement. As a national nonprofit organization, SUN represents solar homeowners and individuals passionate about the benefits of solar energy. They have built a grassroots network of solar supporters who actively engage with policymakers to implement policies that make the transition to solar energy a reality.

Hampton Roads Solar

The hallmark of SUN is their solar co-ops, which bring together 50 to 100 neighbors within a community to go solar together. This community-driven approach has garnered great popularity, allowing participants to share the benefits of solar energy and strengthen their communities. These co-op members leverage the power of bulk purchasing to secure discounted pricing and ensure high-quality solar installations, all while signing individual contracts that cater to their specific home needs.

Convert Solar has consistently demonstrated their commitment to making solar energy accessible and affordable to homeowners within the Hampton Roads region. Their reputation for providing top-notch installations and unwavering support throughout the solar process has made them a trusted choice for residents looking to harness the power of the sun.

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