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Many homeowners are leaning toward solar. This means they are choosing a more economically and environmentally friendly choice when it comes to their energy consumption. Not only does solar help the environment, but it significantly lowers monthly electric bills and can even raise the value of one’s home


Why Solar Makes Sense

How nice would it be to have your own power-plant on your roof? Now, what if we told you that it was 100% CLEAN ENERGY?! Wouldn’t you sleep better at night? I know we do! Convert Solar can help you reach your solar power goals.

Clean, sustainable and renewable energy from the sun.

Thousands of dollars in savings & great return on Investment.

Predictability & reliability. Take control of your power production.


norfolk Solar Panel Installations

Installing your home’s solar panels can be a one to three-day process. This variance depends on a couple of factors. These factors include the size of your home and roof, your electricity habits, and what kind of solar system is best for your habits/location. 

Upon completion from our Solar Company Norfolk, there will be an approval process. What this means is that someone, usually from the City, will come by to give a “stamp” of approval. This stamp of approval ensures that all of the solar connections are properly installed, that the system is working as it should, and that every regulation has been followed.


norfolk Battery Installations

When getting solar, you can also get a battery installed. Think of this as allowing your home a constant flow of energy. Maybe during bad weather, not enough sun was able to penetrate your solar panels? Or perhaps there was a month where you used extra electricity because of a visitor or some unforeseen circumstance. Having a battery system in place that reserves unused energy is the best way to combat any extra energy usage. This can be especially important in regions that experience power outages. You most likely have backup batteries at home in case a remote goes out or some other electronic, so why not ensure that you have extra solar energy on standby?

At Convert Solar – Solar is our Passion. It’s the only thing we do.

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SOLAR monitoring

As with anything new, and old, you should always monitor its performance. Solar monitoring allows you to see how your solar system is functioning around the clock. Day or night, at any time, you can check to see your solar panel’s input and your energy output. This is highly important because if at any point the system fails to do what it is supposed to do, you can get the problem resolved quickly which means you can be back up and running in no time should any errors occur. 

Our mission is to put a smile on your face.

We guarantee superior service, craftsmanship and care. Convert Solar is here to help you reach your goals of energy independence, carbon footprint reduction, and savings that you will see through the clean energy solution we put in place on your home or business.

Let’s get started on your project today!

Complete Solar
Power Solutions

Trying to decide which complete solar power solution is right for you? 

  • Off-grid, solar is a solar solution that makes you completely independent of the big electric company. Those who live in a more rural area may choose this option. 
  • Grid-tie solar solutions are best for those who want the convenience of still being connected to the grid in case of emergency or excess energy use. 

Solar Power System

 norfolk Home Efficiency & Insulation


Most solar panels are between 15% and 20% efficient, with outliers on either side of the range. High-quality solar panels can exceed 22% efficiency in some cases (and almost reach 23%!), but the majority of photovoltaic panels available are not above 20% efficiency.

The panels act as shades, preventing the sun from beating down directly onto the roof. While solar panels do heat up, much of the heat is removed by air movement between the panels and the roof. The greater the gap, such as would be found in a tilted array, the greater the benefits. The more efficient the solar panels are in converting sunlight to electricity, the bigger the cooling effect, as heat is a by-product of inefficient conversion.

Residential Financing norfolk, VA


After you’ve made the decision to go solar, the next step is figuring out how to pay for it. Assuming you don’t have the cash to buy your solar energy system upfront, like the vast majority of Americans, there are a variety of financing options to help you hitch onto the solar bandwagon and start increasing the value of your home.

The simplest way to get capital to go solar is through a loan, which can save you anywhere from 40% to 70% over the lifetime of your solar panels. These loans are similar to most home improvement loans used to complete upgrades or renovations, such as finishing a basement or re-doing your kitchen. A variety of sources offer loans, including banks and solar installers.

We Make Solar Easy

Zero-risk Analysis.

Take advantage of our customized, no-cost, zero-risk analysis of your home or business. You'll get an idea of your property's potential to benefit from solar and leave nothing to chance.

$0 Out-Of-Pocket.

We have excellent financing options available. In addition to $0 down, $0 out-of-pocket, we'll ensure you have all tax incentive information so you can provide your tax preparer with the right info.

The Ultimate Warranty.

You won't lose a moment's sleep with our exclusive 25-year, zero-risk, bumper-to-bumper, $0 out-of-pocket, unconditional warranty, which also includes a 25-year warranty on parts.

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