Solar is a Better Option Than You May Have Thought!



The price of solar panels has dropped dramatically in the past few years.  Combine this with rising utility rates and federal tax incentives and solar is now the cheapest way to generate electricity.


A solar panel has no moving parts, uses only sunshine for fuel, and is guaranteed to produce for 25 years. It does not get more simple than that.


Eco Friendly

The only fuel solar uses is sunshine. This means no harmful byproducts from electricity generation, such as, Carbon Dioxide, Mercury, Arsenic, Pollution, or Nuclear Waste.

Long Lasting

Solar panels are guaranteed to produce for 25 years.  Many last much longer than this.  Solar is something you only have to purchase once in a lifetime.

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Why Convert Solar?


Experienced Company
Our experience at Convert Solar goes beyond just installing solar. We also have valuable experience in navigating the tricky field of incentives, net metering applications, and financing for your solar project.


The components of a solar renewable energy system may be simple and easy to operate, but this is only if it is designed properly from the beginning. Every house and business is different, so Convert Solar's experience in designing the right system for you is critical to the success of the project.


Local Company
Solar renewable energy benefits the community it is located in direclty by keeping money and jobs there and making the electrical grid more robust. So it only makes sense to use a solar company located in and dedicated to the Hampton Roads Community like Convert Solar.

Its the simple things in life that matter and the simple things that make life better. Nothing is more simple and consistent than the sunlight we receive everyday to warm and brighten our lives. Now we can cleanly and efficiently use that sunlight to create the energy we need in our homes and businesses. That is the mission of Convert Solar. To transform our sunlight into the energy we need for life. Clean solar power can be used to reduce our utility bills while at the same time reduce the pollution we generate.