Take Advantage! Federal Tax Credit... 30% off the cost of your system through 2016


Solar panels are your own personal power station and can be integrated with batteries to power your property with or without the grid...

Net Meter

Use the sun to power your home or business and sell excess to the utility...


Solar offers a source of electricity that is low impact on the environment and can be integrated as part of a clean energy future...

Save Money

Lock in a low fixed cost of electricity for the next 25 years...

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Why Convert Solar?


Team of Professionals
Convert Solar is made up of a diverse group of professionals that add up to one great team. We are comprised of a NABCEP certified PV installer, licensed electrician, electrical and structural engineers, roofers, and business professionals.


From system design, selecting system components, and installing the array. Convert Solar will take the time and effort to ensure that all of our work is performed to the hightest standards. We pay care to the small things that add up to quality and use components from quality manufacturers.


Solar Benefits
Solar can provide big savings to system owners. Additionally, solar provides many benefits that go beyond bottom lines. Explore our site as we have provided many resources to educate people on what solar energy is all about.

Ind 8Convert Solar is your local Hampton Roads, VA solar electricity system design and install specialist…  We are dedicated to providing solar PV solutions for residential and commercial applications in the seven cities of Hampton Roads and surrounding Virginia and North Carolina.