Thank you to our valued clients and new friends!

Ashley Charles Avatar
Ashley Charles

Miranda Shearin Avatar
Miranda Shearin

Convert Solar installed a 6.4 kW system on the roof of my house 1 year ago. The pricing was excellent, they are very knowledgeable and work with you to find the most cost effective solution for a solar system. The installation was done in 1 day without issue. They take care of applying/scheduling all necessary inspections. During the 1 year of operation I had an issue with 1 of the 21 panels, which they replaced and the modem used to communicate with the inverter lost connectivity once, for which they also fixed.
Over 1 year the system has produced 10 MWh.

Gianluigi Ciovati Avatar
Gianluigi Ciovati

Convert Solar was a great company to work with. I got excellent information from them and excellent service. The install of 27 panels was done in one day on a 3 level roof install.(hip roof and additions) They were very courteous and cleaned up after themselves. They were there to answer questions whenever I had them. Nolie sold us on the system and helped me pick out the most efficient panels for our roof situation. The installers, led by Winston, and the electricians did everything in their power to install the converter box where we wanted it (on the back side of the house) even though that was definitely not the easiest path. It is only ending its first week of producing power now and we have had several rainy cloudy days since it was installed but it seems to be working fine. I love to watch the arrow blink in the opposite direction showing me that it is working! Our goal is to cut our power bill in half. Only time will tell. I will update the review after a few months to see how it works once we start up the AC. I would definitely recommend Convert Solar for their expertise, knowledge and value.

Ann Alexander Avatar
Ann Alexander

Convert Solar did an excellent job installing my solar panels. Chad and his crew were very professional and did quality work! They correctly wired the solar panel connections into my electrical box and generator switch box. The panels work great and my monthly power bill averages only a quarter of what it used to be. I highly recommend Convert Solar!

Paige Ake Avatar
Paige Ake

We love our solar array! Convert Solar was open and up-front about every aspect of the process. Other businesses we contacted seemed more interested in financing than solar. And when it came time to install, their workers were amazing to watch. Experts in their field, not just subcontractors. They handled everything from start to finish until all permits were obtained, Dominion allowed us to connect to the grid, and we were producing power. The system is performing as promised and our electric bill has plummeted! Can't recommend them highly enough.

Eric Potter Avatar
Eric Potter

Convert Solar installed the solar panel system on our home in July 2019. The crew assigned to our installation was very knowledgable and willing to share this knowledge. They provided complete answers to all of my questions. They showed up when promised and were very respectful of our home. We have been very pleased with their work and have required no revoke. We highly recommend Convert Solar. They are a bench mark for contractors.

Ron Shaw Avatar
Ron Shaw

Had a great experience with Convert Solar! I signed on to the United Solar Neighbors Hampton Roads Co-op, who in turn chose Convert Solar, getting a great price/watt in the process. The company did a very good job installing our solar system and we're only beginning to experience the enjoyment of making our own power! Additionally, I'd highly recommend anyone interested in solar check out United Solar Neighbors!

Scott and Tina Luers Avatar
Scott and Tina Luers

positive review I had received and rejected proposals from 4 other companies before my wife heard them present at a conference. She thought they might be different and they were. They came out quickly and mapped out the panel locations, estimated return on investment, materials take off and a pricing proposal very soon thereafter. It was great. The price was affordable, they diod not try to sell me "extras" and installation was completed in two days. The best part is that I have been keeping a log of KWH and monthly costs compared to per-solar ramp up and performance has actually exceeded their proposal projections. I have and will continue to highly recommend them to anyone considering solar energy for their home or business.

Matthew Weinstein Avatar
Matthew Weinstein

Chad, Nolie, and Gabe did a fantastic job with the install of our 23.56kWh system. They provided a cost that was well below other estimates. Their level of professionalism and attentiveness to aesthetics and performance was phenomenal. Our roof was left in pristine condition and they made the whole process enjoyable. The system production to date is exceeding their projected numbers

Adam Lipman Avatar
Adam Lipman

My confidence in the Convert Solar team was well-placed. From the top leadership to the crews working on the 440 panel solar array on our church building, the work was excellent. The work was completed on time and the follow-up work was perfect. I appreciated the investment the crew had in their work. They work for the cause of a cleaner world and it showed.

Fr. John Grace Avatar
Fr. John Grace

Convert did a great job with our solar system. Their initial analysis was spot-on, the installation process was easy, and the system has been working great. Would highly recommend.

Chris and Ellen Baker Avatar
Chris and Ellen Baker

Everything about this company proved to be the best vendor experience for our home. Their price was very low compared to the 3 previous bids we got. The specifications and rooftop design were perfect and no extraneous products were foisted upon us. The installation was completed on the dates scheduled and the work force could not have been better. Everyone from sales to electricians to roof top installers were top of the line professionals. As someone that rejected three other vendor proposals, I would highly recommend this company to folks looking for integrity and performance in the solar field.

Matthew Weinstein Avatar
Matthew Weinstein

A very personable organization that strives to provide distributed solar at the best cost possible. Their team is eager to educate customers and the public at large about the numerous benefits of solar, including when solar is not the best option (i.e. they are realistic about the returns you will see from your investment). Convert Solar also remains in tune with new innovations in this rapidly changing industry to present the best solution for various applications.

Tom Endrusick Avatar
Tom Endrusick

Amazing company to work with. Found just the right product for our needs. A pleasure to work with and plan on using them in the future when tesla backup batteries become a bit more readily available.our system produces all our electricity for 11 out of 12 months the only month we end up with a bill is August and even then our August bill was 40 dollars so much better than the hundreds a month we used to pay.

steve rochna Avatar
steve rochna

Terrific company to do business. We were recommended to Convert Solar (CS) by family who recently had work done. CS provided very thorough information for the quote without any issues. They arrived when scheduled and completed all work professionally. They explained all the processes and worked with us on all the permits and inspections that were required. There was an issue with two panel modules which they promptly corrected. System has been in place now for 5 months and is performing just as expected. Very happy with the whole experience and highly recommend them.

Robert Watterson Avatar
Robert Watterson

Chad, Ryan and the rest of the team are top notch people. I’ve had my system for 14 months now and typically don’t have an electric bill from April through September. I had some monitoring issues and an inverter fail but after a phone call, Ryan was out taking care of it (under warranty). Awesome company to do business with!

Zach Fittro Avatar
Zach Fittro

positive review Why not save some money while helping make the planet a little cleaner!

I would highly recommend Convert Solar!

Tim Peebles Avatar
Tim Peebles

After receiving quotes from several solar panel installers over the past several years, I finally made a decision and chose Convert Solar to install a 9.15kW system on my 2 story home. Although I had based my decision mostly on price per watt, I preferred a locally based installer. Convert Solar handled all the paperwork required by the city and Dominion Energy and was onsite for all inspections. After the contract was signed, the crew started work the following Monday and by Wednesday afternoon, all the panels along with the inverter were installed. Within the following week or so, Dominion Energy installed the bi-direction meter, the city made their final inspections and my system was up and running. The most interesting feature is the SolarEdge monitoring app on my phone. From anywhere, I can monitor current electric production and review daily, weekly, monthly and yearly reports. After many months, I am still very satisfied with my system and I would highly recommend Convert Solar.

John M Avatar
John M

This review of Convert Solar is not for the install of our solar power system. My wife and I gave a 5 Star review previously for that contracted work. I wanted to provide this review for their response to a trouble call I made to them months after the system was operational. I felt this was just as important for future solar power owners to consider when selecting a company. Well, we have to give them another 5 Stars across the board. Their response was just as professional and responsive to my problem as it was during the installs. I made one phone call and they took care of the rest. Quick turnaround time on troubleshooting, ordering the defective part, installing and placing system back on line, insuring no other problems, and keeping me updated. Excellent service!

JW Tardy Avatar
JW Tardy

We are very pleased with Convert Solar. Everyone was very professional and easy to work with. Chad was especially helpful designing the best system for our needs and working with us on the price, and he was very responsive whenever there were questions. I'd highly recommend Convert Solar to anyone wanting a solar installation.

Jim Hall Avatar
Jim Hall

We are very pleased with Convert Solar. Everyone was very professional and easy to work with. Chad was especially helpful designing the best system for our needs and working with us on the price, and he was very responsive whenever there were questions. I'd highly recommend Convert Solar to anyone wanting a solar installation.

Jim Hall Avatar
Jim Hall

Investing in Solar panels wasn’t even on my radar until two of my co-workers had them done. Both had such positive things to say about their experience with Covert Solar, that we decided to go ahead with a system of our own. I have to agree with the others that this group is very professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. They were also very quick to respond with any of our questions or concerns. A+ rating from us!

Ann Tardy Avatar
Ann Tardy

A professional company, offering goods and services at a fair price. I was happy with their finishing touches of conduit and installation neatness.
Thinking of going solar? Prices aren't going to get much cheaper, with materials now at about 50% of the cost of an installation. Compared to our install 15 years ago in California, solar is now 1/3 of the cost, with a payback of 8-12 years.

Joe Krause Avatar
Joe Krause

Amazing job! Super easy to work with. Installation looks great. And great price to boot. Was a bit nervous with solar being new, but this was a pro job. Highly recommend.

Greg Kunsch Avatar
Greg Kunsch

Dealing with Convert Solar was a pleasant and professional experience start to finish and follow up!
Highly recommend!
Process is simple. I went onto Dominion Resources site, logged in and forwarded my usage history. Their drone takes satellite pictures of the property with Correct and
Set the appointment and made an Educated Decision.
We are very pleased and proud to be doing our part reducing our carbon footprint with the help of our partner Solar Convert.

Kathleen Rigney Avatar
Kathleen Rigney

The staff at Convert Solar were very professional, knowledgeable and friendly. The installation was as promised (date and duration) and the system has been right on the money for production of electricity. The monitoring link, to allow the owner to track the electrical production, is very easy to use.

We are most pleased with our system, which essentially produces an equivalent to our daily. We highly recommend Convert Solar to anyone. We are glad a friend (also a Convert Solar system owner) referred us to them.

Dick & Joan, Williamsburg, VA

Joan Owen Avatar
Joan Owen

Very happy with Convert Solar. They do a thorough property assessment to determine most advantageous positioning of panels (and type of panels & system best for your sun exposure) to maximize harvesting of the sun's energy. They are very informative, quick to respond to questions and provide excellent service. Installation was a breeze and only took a few days. I was surprised at how fast things moved from my decision to install to the actual installation was only a few weeks. The company took care of everything, arranging permits, and the notification of Dominion power for install of a new meter etc. Overall a great experience and the power bills are close to zero this spring.

Alanna MacIntyre Avatar
Alanna MacIntyre

Convert Solar installed systems for me on two different houses. One is 5KW, (installed 4 years ago) the other is 10KW (installed 2 years ago). Both systems have worked flawlessly and both utilize the SolarEdge Inverters. I highly recommend their work.

Glenn Ratliff Avatar
Glenn Ratliff

Great to work with -- fast, efficient, and neat! I found them to be very responsive.

Sarah Stafford Avatar
Sarah Stafford

Awesome Solar contractor. Friendly, courteous, professional and completed the job on time!! I would highly recommend Convert Solar!! If you want to stop in and see their work email me and I would be happy to show off their awesome install!! Thanks - Mike B.

Tidewater Valve and Fitting Avatar
Tidewater Valve and Fitting

I arranged to have solar panels installed on my house through a solar coop. The presentation of the proposal by Convert Solar was clear and compelling, so we signed (no down payment required). The installation went over two days, quiet, efficient and orderly. I wanted a "clean" installation which required moving some vents on the roof. This was handled without haggling or extra costs. Convert Solar handled all the approvals and arranged for exchange of the power meter with Dominion Power. We went live on May 13 and by September 19, we had saved $441.61, in agreement with the estimate of Convert Solar in the proposal. I could not be more pleased with the system.

Andrew Hutton Avatar
Andrew Hutton

Convert Solar performed timely and professionally during my solar installation approximately four years ago. I have not had any problems with my system. At my request, the company employees designed my system to provide at least 80% of my electrical requirement and the system provides more than expected. Have not paid an electrical bill in more than four years. System performs perfectly.

Hodges Throckmorton Avatar
Hodges Throckmorton

Convert Solar installed a turn-key solar electric system on our home in April 2018. I selected them after getting bids from two other contractors. Their price was competitive and all of my technical questions were patiently answered. Panels manufactured in the United States were used per my request. The job was done efficiently and the system has operated as designed. I am surprised that more people are not deciding to have solar systems installed since the price has gone done significantly in the last few years and the 30 percent federal tax credit is still available. If you are considering a system, I strongly recommend that you contact Convert Solar before selecting a contractor.

Wayne Willis Avatar
Wayne Willis

Convert Solar was great to work with. They provided a number of options and explained the pro/cons of each. Once we decided on the system it was only a matter of days before they were out installing the system (6kW). The installation team was very professional and had the system up and running quickly. Since the system was put in we've only had 1 issues and that was resolved quickly. If you are thinking about putting in Solar, I highly recommend Convert Solar.

Doug Lott Avatar
Doug Lott

Chad is a very down to earth very nice guy for starters. The work I had done was a 7kw system from start to finish. They got the work done efficiently, I have had zero problems with it, and it has kept my electric bills very low (for the summer I just pay transmission fees). They patiently answered all of my questions. Keep in mind when you are getting this kind of work done, it involves mounting brackets on your roof as well as tying in to your electrical service, so it needs to be done right. These are the guys to do it.

Art C Avatar
Art C

Convert Solar installed the solar array on my roof in Norfolk. They did a very neat job. Was done fast. The inverter failed within hours, but they got it replaced under warranty. They are a great team. I used to install solar equipment from 2006 till 2012, so I know how complex the logistics of this business is. They had everything ready, arrived early, were done by early afternoon. Also, I like the hardware they use. They put flashed footing so there are leaks. Good equipment, good installation. I am very happy.

Denis Oudard Avatar
Denis Oudard

Ryan and the Covert Solar crew did a great job in installing a complete "turnkey" solar package for my residence. I was the first in my area to be a "reseller" of excess capacity back to my municipal supplier, and they helped me in navigating the ins and outs of that process. My system has been in operation for about a year, and has worked flawlessly so far. I have 24 panels and a large backup battery as part of the package, and have had much interest shown by others in the community as to it's operation. If you're looking for a great turnkey solution to your solar project and great customer service, you won't go wrong in utilizing Convert Solar's services.

Marshall DeBerry Avatar
Marshall DeBerry

These guys designed and installed my 7.29 kW system, and I could not be happier with it. It generated a majority of the power for my 5 bedroom home in the middle of this recent heat wave (that was with my A/C cranking overtime), and the panels on my roof look great, too.

They could not have been more professional with the interference they ran for me with the city's inspectors and the power company--I did not have to sweat a single detail. I've already gotten a few low power bills and am enjoying the good feeling that I'm offsetting a little of my carbon footprint.

Vikram Vatsa Avatar
Vikram Vatsa

positive review Chad and his team did a great job of setting up our Solar in just a day. They got all the paperwork done to have DOMINION hook us up and it has been producing power for the last 14 months without a hiccup!

Frank Robert Steinbach Avatar
Frank Robert Steinbach

These guys designed and installed my 7.29 kW system, and I could not be happier with it. It's generating a majority of the power for my 5 bedroom home in the middle of a heat wave (that A/C is working, let me tell you), and the panels on my roof look great, too.

They could not have been more professional with the interference they ran for me with the city's inspectors and the power company--I did not have to sweat a single detail. Looking forward to the low power bills and the good feeling that I'm offsetting a little of my carbon footprint.

Vikram Vatsa Avatar
Vikram Vatsa

I have been considering solar panels for my home in Smithfield for several years. A contractor from Richmond that I met at the Home and Garden Show in February did an assessment and confirmed that our house was a good candidate. I eventually got three estimates for the project. I selected Convert Solar after several discussions with Chad Wilkins. That Chad and Project Leader Ryan Healy were both certified by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practioners (NABCEP) was significant in my decision. There are only about sixty individuals in Virginia certified by NABCEP. The installation of my 5.94 KW system could not have been more efficiently performed. Chad and his guys took care of coordinating with the utility and the county inspector, as well as explaining how to operate the monitoring system on my home computer. I highly recommend Convert Solar for any solar installation that you are considering.

Wayne Willis Avatar
Wayne Willis

Chad installed my system (6.6 kW, 22 panels) April 2017. Just had my first bill for usage since install and it was only $33. Gotta love it. Chad and the team were very professional and helpful. Getting solar was new for me and he took the time to explain everything and make sure I was happy. I would definitely recommend them.

Laura Jones Avatar
Laura Jones

Convert Solar did the installation on our business Thrift Store USA. At 128KW it is the largest private installation in Southeast Virginia. They did an excellent job and beat the price of 6 other companies that submitted a bid.

Rob-Debbie Giroux Avatar
Rob-Debbie Giroux

Was going to get an estimate from them a couple of years ago. Tried to go to their office whilst visiting Virginia Beach, turns out it was a house. When I checked with the Virginia board of contractors I discovered they were not licensed properly. Ended up using another company. Ran into one of their employees in August this year, he said it was just him and the owner. Not sure what Rob-Debbie Giroux is talking about, they own the thrift store in Norfolk. They were a class C contractor before which should have limited them to jobs of no more than $7500 but they were doing jobs of much higher value than that. Not sure how they were getting permits.

Fred Bloggs Avatar
Fred Bloggs

Installed an 11.1 kW array in the cold of December. Excellent workmanship, and a very professional team. I have recommended your services to all of my neighbors!

Scott Smithers Avatar
Scott Smithers