Commercial Projects

a picture saying Solar energy for your business, organization, or venue

This section highlights estimated savings our commercial clients will enjoy:

  • An estimated average annual electricity offset of 78%

  • An estimated average annual electricity savings of $5,977

These estimates are calculated from each client’s electrical usage  history and estimated future savings to be provided by their new solar system.

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Residential Projects

picture that says "For your home, shop, or back-up power"

This section highlights estimated savings our residential clients will enjoy:

  • An estimated average annual electricity offset of 75%

  • An estimated average annual electricity savings of $1,456

These estimates are calculated from each client’s electrical usage  history and estimated future savings to be provided by their new solar system.

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Convert Solar has completed a wide variety of residential and commercial solar power projects across Coastal Virginia and the Hampton Roads area.

The results speak for themselves, saving our clients money everyday, improving their property value, and making the environment a cleaner place for all of us.

Convert Solar performed timely and professionally during my solar installation approximately four years ago. I have not had any problems with my system. At my request, the company employees designed my system to provide at least 80% of my electrical requirement and the system provides more than expected. Have not paid an electrical bill in more than four years. System performs perfectly.

Hodges Throckmorton Avatar
Hodges Throckmorton

Convert Solar installed a turn-key solar electric system on our home in April 2018. I selected them after getting bids from two other contractors. Their price was competitive and all of my technical questions were patiently answered. Panels manufactured in the United States were used per my request. The job was done efficiently and the system has operated as designed. I am surprised that more people are not deciding to have solar systems installed since the price has gone done significantly in the last few years and the 30 percent federal tax credit is still available. If you are considering a system, I strongly recommend that you contact Convert Solar before selecting a contractor.

Wayne Willis Avatar
Wayne Willis

Convert Solar was great to work with. They provided a number of options and explained the pro/cons of each. Once we decided on the system it was only a matter of days before they were out installing the system (6kW). The installation team was very professional and had the system up and running quickly. Since the system was put in we've only had 1 issues and that was resolved quickly. If you are thinking about putting in Solar, I highly recommend Convert Solar.

Doug Lott Avatar
Doug Lott

Chad is a very down to earth very nice guy for starters. The work I had done was a 7kw system from start to finish. They got the work done efficiently, I have had zero problems with it, and it has kept my electric bills very low (for the summer I just pay transmission fees). They patiently answered all of my questions. Keep in mind when you are getting this kind of work done, it involves mounting brackets on your roof as well as tying in to your electrical service, so it needs to be done right. These are the guys to do it.

Art C Avatar
Art C

Chad and his team did a great job of setting up our Solar in just a day. They got all the paperwork done to have DOMINION hook us up and it has been producing power for the last 14 months without a hiccup!

Frank Robert Steinbach Avatar
Frank Robert Steinbach

These guys designed and installed my 7.29 kW system, and I could not be happier with it. It's generating a majority of the power for my 5 bedroom home in the middle of a heat wave (that A/C is working, let me tell you), and the panels on my roof look great, too.

They could not have been more professional with the interference they ran for me with the city's inspectors and the power company--I did not have to sweat a single detail. Looking forward to the low power bills and the good feeling that I'm offsetting a little of my carbon footprint.

Vikram Vatsa Avatar
Vikram Vatsa

I have been considering solar panels for my home in Smithfield for several years. A contractor from Richmond that I met at the Home and Garden Show in February did an assessment and confirmed that our house was a good candidate. I eventually got three estimates for the project. I selected Convert Solar after several discussions with Chad Wilkins. That Chad and Project Leader Ryan Healy were both certified by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practioners (NABCEP) was significant in my decision. There are only about sixty individuals in Virginia certified by NABCEP. The installation of my 5.94 KW system could not have been more efficiently performed. Chad and his guys took care of coordinating with the utility and the county inspector, as well as explaining how to operate the monitoring system on my home computer. I highly recommend Convert Solar for any solar installation that you are considering.

Wayne Willis Avatar
Wayne Willis

Chad installed my system (6.6 kW, 22 panels) April 2017. Just had my first bill for usage since install and it was only $33. Gotta love it. Chad and the team were very professional and helpful. Getting solar was new for me and he took the time to explain everything and make sure I was happy. I would definitely recommend them.

Laura Jones Avatar
Laura Jones

Convert Solar did the installation on our business Thrift Store USA. At 128KW it is the largest private installation in Southeast Virginia. They did an excellent job and beat the price of 6 other companies that submitted a bid.

Rob-Debbie Giroux Avatar
Rob-Debbie Giroux

Installed an 11.1 kW array in the cold of December. Excellent workmanship, and a very professional team. I have recommended your services to all of my neighbors!

Scott Smithers Avatar
Scott Smithers

Ashley Charles Avatar
Ashley Charles

Miranda Shearin Avatar
Miranda Shearin

Chad is great. We have had the pleasure to work with him and he will always be our Solar Expert!!

John Otocka Avatar
John Otocka

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