“I’m loving my new solar system!  It’s so cool and literally watch my VEPCO meter running in reverse.  My system has been working for two months now, and the new meter is not even back up to its initial zero.  In November my meter runs backward during a sunny day and forward at night.  I’m heating my house for free!  Convert Solar did a great job!  Installation was prompt, smooth and completed in two days.  Everything was explained in detail, and I can even monitor my system on iPad.”  Kit Campbell, Homeowner

“Wonderful people to work with!  Very friendly yet professional!  They handled all of the details and paperwork and made putting in our solar very easy!”  Nancy and Harry Hatz, Homeowner

“Chad and his team did an outstanding job installing my 15kW solar panels which has reduced my electric bill to only one quarter of what is was before I got the solar panels.  Chad is very professional and knows his business.  I would highly recommend Convert Solar for anyone who wants to start receiving free power from the sun.  Installing Solar Panels is truly a wise investment.” Paige Ake, Homeowner

“Installed on time, with all considerations for safety of installation, responded to all of our questions to assure we understood what we could expect from the system.  Installed the latest, up to date equipment and components at a very competitive price (competitor was significantly more expensive for the exact same brand/model equipment).  Highly recommend this contractor.”     James Flanagan, Homeowner

“I was impressed with the personality of each of the Convert Solar staff.  They are easy to talk and work with.  I have no problems with their work or products.  We anticipate working with them again down the road as we may expand our solar panels as we see the need.”  Barry McCormick, Homeowner