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Convert Solar provides turn-key solar electricity system installations for residential and commercial clients.  We strive to provide high quality information during the decision making process and want to make things easy for you!  Furthermore, we pride ourselves in setting the industry standard for component and workmanship quality.  We constantly research and implement the latest market technologies and innovations into the systems we install.  Below highlights the service we provide to our clients and summarizes the solar journey from initial site assessment to producing power with your new solar array.


Site Assessment

Convert Solar provides potential residential and commercial clients with a free solar site assessment detailing cost, performance, and economics.  We strive to establish accurate and realistic expectations for our clients.  The site assessment will be customized to reflect performance of a solar array at your particular home or business.  Please see the ‘site assessment’ tab for more information about our high quality site performance modeling.


Convert Solar is a Class A licensed and insured contractor with years of experience permitting solar through the various AHJs (Authority Having Jurisdiction) of Virginia.  A typical solar installation requires that a building and electrical permit be issued by the local AHJ before construction can begin.  


Through experience, Convert Solar has established best practices in the field to ensure quality, safety, and professionalism during the installation.  We install roof mounted systems for various different roof types and ground mounted solar arrays. We understand the significance of investing your hard earned dollars and only install quality components with strong warranties. Chad and Ryan are both NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners) certified solar PV installation professionals. 


After the installation has been completed, a final inspection by the local AHJ is required.  Convert Solar installs systems in accordance with the latest version of the NEC (National Electric Code) to ensure systems meet current safety standards.  The utility provider (in this area Dominion) is also part of the solar process.  A pre-install approval form is filed with the utility detailing system size and components.  The utility will perform a meter swap after the system has been approved and installed. The old meter is replaced with one capable of net-metering ( a meter that reads bi-directional current flow).


Once the final inspection is passed and the net-meter installed, your solar array will be producing power and energy in accordance with the performance model provided in the site assessment.  Your system will be equipped with monitoring to ensure performance.  Both Convert Solar and the customer will have access to monitoring that enhances the experience of owning a solar PV system. We are ready to provide support and promptly remedy any issue causing the system to operate below peak performance.