Pairing solar panels with a battery enhances the functionality and experience of owning a solar energy system.  Battery equipped systems are beneficial in a variety of applications.  First off, these systems are used to provide valuable backup power during short and long term grid interruptions.  When utility power goes out, the solar panels will continue to produce electricity and charge a battery.  The battery is used to supply power to a backed-up loads panel containing critical circuits such as lights, electronic equipment, refrigerators, well pumps, AC outlets, etc.  In addition, batteries can be used to save money on utility bills.  For example, businesses and other non-residential customers often incur expensive monthly demand charges based on peak power imported from the utility.  Batteries can be applied to supplement the utility during peak usage and reduce monthly demand charges.  Furthermore, clients can use batteries to maximize self-consumption and minimize overall energy consumed from the utility.  In this application, clients further reduce their carbon footprint by using solar and full battery capacity to meet their energy needs.

StorEdge Solution  (battery equipped solar energy solution from SolarEdge )

LG RESU10  (lithium ion battery from LG )