Convert Solar installs solar energy systems for residential and commercial clients.  We specialize in the solar contracting process of design, permitting, installation, inspection, and maintenance.  Our number one goal is to provide first class service and support for our valued customers.  First steps with new clients involve assessing a sites suitability for solar along with analyzing electricity usage of the property.  We provide high quality solar site assessments that detail expected performance.   Our site assessments are accurate and empower people to make informed decisions about what size system best meet their needs.  When a client decides to move forward with a project, Convert Solar files all necessary paperwork with the local Authority Having Jurisdiction to pull a permit.  We also coordinate with your local utility to process net metering applications to schedule a meter exchange.  You will be equipped with a net meter capable of properly compensating customers for electricity exported to the grid.  Years of experience in the field ensures the installation of your system will be performed safely and professionally.  We want your solar panels to look good and take a lot of pride in providing high quality workmanship.  After the installation, Convert Solar and system owners both have access to system monitoring that displays and details performance.  System monitoring provides a fun and engaging platform to get the most out of your solar energy system.  Monitoring also alerts Convert Solar to any system failures that we remedy in a timely manner.